Wildly expressive entertainment. Produced for all genres.

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Compelling Stories

From the script to the screen, hundreds of elements bring a compelling story to life.

Set Design

Set Design is an artform. Precious nuances and attention to historical accuracy, mean everything.

Curated Locations

Locations, where the scenes take place, are also characters in the film. Chosen carefully, the experience is nothing less than magnificent.

About us

Bandit Films produces motion picture and television content that’s meaningful and gets attention from audiences around the world.

Bandit Films is an independent motion picture and television production company that develops and finances original content of various genres with the goal of telling captivating, true-to-life stories that appeal to worldwide audiences. Launched in 2006, by producers, Doug Sankary and Matt Miller, Bandit Films kick-started its slate with the feature film Middle Men, directed by George Gallo (Bad Boys with Will Smith. Middle Men starred Luke Wilson, Giovanni Ribisi (James Cameron’s Avatar), Gabriel Macht (Frank Miller’s The Spirit) , Kelsey Grammer (NBC’s “Frasier” and “Cheers”) and James Caan (Francis Ford Coppola’s The Godfather with Al Pacino and Marlon Brando). Middle Men premiered at the 2009 Festival de Cannes, closed the 2010 Santa Barbara Film Festival, and was theatrically released later that year by Paramount Pictures.

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